About Learning Python

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The book Learning Python—a language foundations tutorial—has been published in five editions. Each edition has incorporated updates in Python itself, the Python training classes that this book is based upon, and common practice in the Python world.

I maintain distinct support web pages for each edition of this book. Please select the relevant link in the first column of the table below:

Edition Published Python Pages
Learning Python, 5th Edition June, 2013 3.3 + 2.7 1600
Learning Python, 4th Edition September, 2009 3.0 + 2.6 1210
Learning Python, 3rd Edition October, 2007 2.5 750
Learning Python, 2nd Edition December, 2003 2.2 620
Learning Python, 1st Edition April, 1999 2.0 385

Book Scope

This book is an in-depth introduction to both the 3.X and 2.X versions of the core Python language, and is designed to be the first in a 2-book set: the follow-up book Programming Python picks up where Learning Python ends, focusing on common ways to apply the language once you've learned it, and providing larger and more complete examples. Learning Python provides a comprehensive first look at the language itself. In addition, the book Python Pocket Reference serves as a reference-only companion to these books, providing quick access to supplemental details when you need them.

Also note that this is not a release-specific book. Because it stresses core Python concepts, it applies to all Python versions in common use, not just those it was updated to be current with at publication, and listed in the table above. Given the long tenure of this fundamentals text, its material will also continue to apply to all Pythons in years to come.

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