Old Stuff Warning!

This is a now very old and out of date page (I stopped updating it early in 2000 due to lack of time). Too much has happened in the Python world since then to document usefully here. Instead, please take this page as something of a historic artifact only. If you're looking for a more recent list of Python community developments, see the preface to the book Programming Python 2nd Edition. And if you're looking for a more recent list of published Python books, try clicking here.

Python Rising
News from the advocacy front

This page represents a first step towards a more complete Python advocacy page. There is some very good news in the Python world, and this is my attempt to document some of it. Eventually, this page may include links to everything exciting related to Python, whether free or not--products, services, books, testimonials, magazine articles, and so on. For now, it's nowhere near complete. Please see python.org for more advocacy links.

--The Marketing Department :-)

Items added in early 2000

Alas, this page has grown to the point of unmaintainability. Since I have no time to organize it better, I've simply grouped all the most recent advocacy announcements into this one section. Enjoy.

Publications news

Other advocacy news

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